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Know Music, Know Peace


Hello hello! It’s been too long since my last blog post but I was waiting to be inspired. The inspiration behind today’s post comes from the man himself, Bob Marley. I found this while doing my morning pinterest and found it too good to not post.

I like this quote a lot. Not just because it came from Bob Marley (although that adds a lot of credibility to the quote for me) but also because I think it can really speak to each of us on entirely different levels. For me, this past weekend was pretty tough. I was in Maryland helping my parents pack as they are moving down to NC next week! Of course I can’t wait for them to be closer to me, however saying goodbye to the house I grew up in was not an easy task for me. 

Being an over-emotional Italian already, the thought of my house, not being MY house anymore was a lot to handle. I was feeling very down as I started my drive back to Wilmington on Monday morning and after about 2 hours of self pitty at it’s finest, I decided it was time to stop being such a baby. 

That’s when I turned on one of my favorite playlists. With the sounds of Bob Dylan, My Morning Jacket, Sublime, and of course a mix of my favorite Top 40ers (Bruno Mars, Akon, Macklemore, etc) I instantly felt better.

I preach it only because I truly, really and truly believe it…Music is one of the biggest powers out there. Let it take over and see where you end up. 

Hope you all are having a great week! Keep those radios turned up!



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Bonnaroo 2013

Well…it has been a little too long since my last blog post. Life got a little crazy but I’ve finally made it back to home base!

I was given a wonderful opportunity to attend Bonnaroo in Manchester, TN this year. I’ve been back for just over a week now and have had some serious time to reflect since then and want to share my experiences at the festival.

First…my top 5 performers:

5. The Lumineers – Wesley Schultz has the voice of an angel! The Lumineers did not disappoint. My personal favorite was Stubborn Love, although Ho Hey was truly a magical experience as everyone in the crowd sang along.

4. Passion Pit – I knew this would be a fantastic performance because I have always heard wonderful things about Passion Pit live. I absolutely loved how engaged the crowd was during this show! During Take a Walk, the entire crowd was literally marching in place. Great performance, wonderful energy and great set list.

3. Paul McCartney – I SAW A BEATLE LIVE IN CONCERT!!!!! Enough…Said. He played for over 2 and a half hours, and included SO many classic Beatles hits, Hey Jude being a personal favorite. Paul McCartney, coupled with the other Beatles, shaped the music industry and changed the world of music for the better on such a large scale. This is one performance I will never forget and one I will tell my kids about in years to come.

2. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting too much from these guys. I knew they would be good, but I did not anticipate them making my top 5 list. In my opinion, Macklemore STOLE THE SHOW. He engaged with the crowd and made it so obvious that he was THRILLED to be playing at Bonnaroo. He did not have a sense of entitlement (as so many people do nowadays). He was engaging and his performance was perfect. He blew me away. His song Same Love literally brought me to tears. Upon further reflection, Macklemore has quickly stolen my heart and become one of my favorite artists…he has also become a role model for me. His kindness and compassion is a quality that I think is tough to find in famous people sometimes…he definitely impressed me!

1. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers – Come on, can you really say you didn’t see this coming? NUMBER 1 AS ALWAYS IN MY HEART AND LIFE!!!! Tom yet again went above and beyond, playing ALL of his number 1 hits as well as a bunch of other classics (4 songs that I have never heard him play live before!…and I have seen him 11 times if that gives you an idea of how many songs he has). He also played my favorite Traveling Wilburys song which I had never heard live either. Tom opened his show by saying “We’ve got nowhere to be tonight, we’re about to have some fun.” He played for over 2 and a half hours and every second was perfect and AWESOME!

And now, for my final Bonnaroo reflection:

I spent 4 days in a field with a bunch of hippies…all of whom cared more about being happy than they did about what style clothing they were wearing. Spreading love and compassion was more valuable than a designer purse and the experience of live music and feelings of togetherness were worth more than any material objects money could buy. What a way to live…and imagine if we could all step back from the greed that consumes our country and just enjoy life. Put down the credit cards people and learn to love your life for what it is.

Let’s all love a little more and hate a little less. ❤ Thanks for reading!

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PLEASE HELP!!!! The sport I love and the team I love even more are at risk of being eliminated from UNCW! As an alumni of UNCW and the Swimming and Diving Team, this truly breaks my heart. Please help stop this from happening by signing this petition (click on the graphic for the petition)

Don’t take the pure love for swimming and diving away from innocent students. They want to continue representing UNCW and they deserve to shine while doing what they LOVE!!!!

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Today feels like I conquered Everest!

Ok ok I know that sounds a little aggressive. Conquered Everest? Alright, maybe not THAT great…but I sure did face a fear of mine..which feels huge to me!!

Here’s the story…my roommate woke up with this little guy in my picture staring her in the face. He was perched just over her closet door, and just high enough that he was completely out of reach from us. We spent about thirty minutes pacing from the kitchen back into her room debating what to do with this new little friend of ours.

Now, my disclaimer is that lizards typically don’t scare me. I could care less really. As long as they RESPECT my space! There is NO NEED for you to be in my house. You stay outside, and I won’t bother you…you come into my house and we might have some problems.

So, what could we do? Well we couldn’t let him just stay there, because he would eventually move, and then we would all be wondering when he would show himself again…NO, I do not want to wake up in the middle of the night and see that lizard on my bed with me…dying of a heart attack at age 24 is not the way I want my life to go! HAHA. So, we decided to face our fears…

I stood on a chair just under the closet holding a box about a foot under the lizard…Alden stood on her bed with a broom. We counted to three, and she swept the lizard down into the box. I slapped the lid on, ran outside and thew the box in my front yard. (Give me a break I’m facing a fear over here!!)

….and now my actual day can begin!Image

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thoughts for the weekend…

It just dawned on me that I have not posted a blog update this week yet! I am trying very hard to stay on an a least once per week posting schedule so here we go!….

Simple today….just wanted to post a quote that I have come to LOVE over the past couple of weeks. This one way push it’s way onto my Top 10 Favorite Quotes list….I’ll have to think about it before making that executive decision!

I chose to put the quote over one of my favorite Wrightsville Beach pictures because it’s meaning is that of serenity and peacefulness…pretty much sums up the beach/ocean to me.

Weekend thoughts….read, think, re-read, act, enjoy, repeat. 🙂


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“Compassion” is NOT a 4 letter word!

The words dancing off of my fingertips this morning are those of irritation. I witnessed something this morning that I don’t think I was, or ever would be, ready to witness. Let me take you to the beginning…

I am currently watching a friends dog for her while she is out of town. Every morning this week I have woken up early so that I could go and take her dog on a walk before going to work. This morning was no different. I showed up at my friends house, got her dog ready to go and together we started out on our walk. About half way down her street we began to approach a man walking his dog on the other side of the street. The man and his dog were coming towards us, but again, they were on the other side of the street. No problem…or so I thought. As the dogs got closer they began to do what most dogs do in this type of situation. They growled a little and were both trying to get over to the other dog to check things out. Now, the dog I was walking was a 90 pound lab (not the easiest to control). But I was able to hold the dog back so that there wouldn’t be any problems. Well, the other dog across the street was a much smaller dog, only about 30 pounds at MOST. So, as I pulled my friends dog away, I naturally expected the man walking the other dog to do the same.

Wrong again.

As his dog began to bark, the man turned around…and KICKED….his dog….in the FACE. The dog let out a terrified squeal and then growled…(Can’t say I’d react ANY differently after being kicked in the face by the person who was suppose to be taking care of me). Alright, CRAZY owner, I think your dog gets it. Unfortunately, this owner didn’t think the dog had yet understood. He then proceeded to get down on his knees and pin his dog against the ground by his throat!

Well, at this point I was in tears. My heart was breaking for this poor, mistreated dog. However, being a female, alone in a neighborhood I am unfamiliar with, I decided it probably wasn’t in my best interest to interject. I simply continued walking…which I hate myself for…but if this man was as crazy as he seemed to be, I didn’t want to take my chances by starting a problem with him.

If you don’t love dogs…it’s simple…DON’T GET ONE. But to get one and mistreat it…well, it’s cruel, and inhumane, and NOT OK.

…<end rant>…

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You go as you came….

Today’s post falls under “soup for the soul” category. No need for a back story here so I’ll just dive right in…

Simply put: You go as you came. What do you bring to this world when you are born? Your body? Yes. Your mind? Of course! Clothing? Nope. Handbags? Not at all. A home? No, that doesn’t come out of your Mama with you! And making a full circle, what do you get to take with you when you die? Yup, that’s right…nothing except your mind and body.

The goal of this post is to enlighten. Sure, money is important. You need it to live a fulfilled life. However, at the end of the line, you simply don’t get to take that, or any of your personal possessions with you. Yes, it’s important to leave a solid life behind for those you leave on the earth, but aside from that material objects that you leave behind have no true value.

That being said….Let it go. Easier said than done right? How can you let go the stress that you feel about money, or objects? It’s tough, but little by little it can be done. While money sure does buy a lot, it doesn’t buy your happiness. How do you want to be remembered? As the one who always wore the most expensive outfit? The one who had the biggest house? Or the one who always lent a hand to others in need? Or maybe the one who put the needs of their loved ones before themselves?

Your legacy to leave is yours and yours alone. The choices are yours and yours alone. Don’t let hindsight get the best of you. Do today what will make YOU proud to look back on someday at the end of the line.

Leave words, memories, and joy…spread it all, change the lives of those around you.


LOVE! xoxo

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We can do it!

We really CAN do it!! My roommate and I just completed our first Triathlon of 2013 this past weekend! We both finished 4th in our age groups and I finished 36th out of 268 women!

I must admit, it was rather chilly this past weekend…our swim was at UNCW’s pool and then we had to run outside in our bathing suits to get to the transition area where we could put more clothes on and begin the bike part of the race. Once on the bike and sweating I wasn’t too cold but my feet stayed FROZEN the entire race! Haha they were completely numb for my run which I think was a blessing!

All in all it was a great race, we were very successful and we are looking forward to our next race, a half marathon this coming weekend!

Be active, stay healthy, do things that will make you SMILE!!! That’s what life is all about!!!Image


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Packin in the miles

Well, I am officially 11 days away from the half marathon that I have been training for over the past 2 months. I can’t believe it is almost here, but I have to say I am ready for it! 13.1 miles of just me and the road beneath my feet and here I am counting the seconds until go time!

Thankfully I have had a training buddy, my roommate! Her and I have conquered just about every road Wilmington has on our daily runs and have also spent a significant amount of time in the pool swimming, at the gym lifting and taking workout group classes. All of that, coupled with a well balanced diet revolving largely around fruits and vegetables and we are are in shape and ready to go!

So yesterday we had our last long run, 10.5 miles! Next week we will taper, so that we are race ready by the day of! Now, what is the point of this post? Well, as we were nearing the end of our run yesterday, just about 1.5 miles out, we began to cheer each other on. Sure, we were both running, and could have easily filled both of our heads with negativity…our legs were hurting, we were both thirsty, we wanted nothing more than to be done…but instead of vocalizing these negative thoughts, we opted for POSITIVITY! And I will tell you…it worked (as it always does!!). Our last mile was the fastest mile that we ran…we finished so strong, and together as a team.

Now, this revelation of working together, motivating others around you and generally staying positive in times where it may be easier to be negative is no real new news to me. I have always tried, especially when it comes to my athletic life, to motivate, inspire, and see the best in each workout I have ever conquered. Sure, sometimes I allowed negative thoughts to overtake my mind, but more times than not, I have insisted on staying positive.

When I think about the world, and where it is today, I see so many people allowing themselves to be consumed with jealousy, and negative thinking. I want to challenge each of you to go out today and motivate another person. Tell them that they look nice, or that they had a good workout (if you like to workout), or whatever you can do to spread good vibes. Look yourself in the mirror and be happy with the person you are.

Remember this quote from Kurt Cobain: “Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.”


Today’s post/show/general feelings are all being dedicated to my very special friend Ryan Alea Young. On February 28, 2009 we lost our dear friend and many peoples lives changed forever. While I’m sad , and miss my friend very much, I am also so happy and grateful to have known her. She taught me (and many others) how to live well and control your own circumstances…

“Life is like a wave, you can’t change the way it breaks, just the way you ride it” This was one of Ryan’s favorite quotes. The amount of truth behind this quote is simply mind blowing. There are so many things that you cannot control in this world, but how you react to those things is completely in your control. If I can take nothing but that from Ryan, I could easily consider that a win.


**Ryan Alea Young**

Forever in our hearts

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